24 hour Copies / Printing / Signs / Poster
Cheapest Sticker & Label / Fabric Research Poster
Window Sticker / Poster / Foam Board Display Signs
Retractable Banner / Outdoor Display Sign / Stickers

 up to 50% Discount 
Subsidy to assist in Canada's Re-Opening


24/7 Color Printing and Copies

in Metro Vancouver

24 hour Copies, Printing, Poster & Sign in Vancouver
It is sad to see FedEx Kinko's ®  closed out all their
legendary Vancouver Print and Copy Centre
after 30 years of business. 
To us,
kinkos is the only name that stands up to
"24 hour, 24/7 Color Print & Copies"

The icon name has helped the entire community,
including many occurance ourselves
local businesses (our associates),
conventions / exhibitions
(us in Chicago),
(us in Toronto),  graphic trades (us),
university and  school / homework
family printing needs
(us) . . .

Their legendary service reaches so deep
in the community that it is deeply missed
and is totally irreplacable. 
   In honour of this legendary mentor, 
we'll try to carry part of their torch, 
24hour Copies and Printing
Banner & Sign Service

What can we help ?

   Booklet, Proposal and Reports

      * Business & School work Printing

  High Volume Color Copying (+ b/w) *
     * Heidelberg Digital Printing Press @ 8,000 Color / Hour
        can turbo to 12,000 / Hr. for


  Heavy Duty / Complex Color Printing
* Products that can't be easily produced on
        Color Copy Machine


  "Smaller volume"
  Color Copies and Reports + Bindings *
     * email file submission for speedier printing
min. $25, subject to availability, Rush Charge may apply


   Poster Product
  * Vibrant and Fast Color Poster for

         Academic, UBC and Research Poster
         Event and Promotion Poster
Engineer Drawings

    Banner & Sign
*  Tradeshow and Convention Exhibition Sign Support

          Retractable Banner

         Display Signs / Placard

         Indoor and Outdoor Sign Applications
         Mounted Sign / Lawn Sign (Waterproof Outdoor)




How does After Hours Printing works
( some nights we get busy, so use this guide to help you )

Know what you want to Print, how many . . .
(if you don't, it's hard to help you)

b.  Get your file Ready
(you may still be working on it, that's OK
but we can't start until you have your file done)

c.  Contact us by phone, email or text message
*** we can get busy, so leave a message ***
      ( email your files + details to us for
file checking )
(( advance notice is great, so we can create a time-slot for you ))
d.  we will quickly discuss your printing needs
(night shift cust. rep has at least 10 years experience
and will guide you to place the order) 

will discuss and advise you when the printing
may be ready

f.  Drive to our specific Pickup Centre as arranged

24 Hour online Color Copying Service
24 Hour Document Printing - Fast Coil binded Document Reports printed on high quality Heidelberg Digital Printing Equipment
24 Hour High Volume Color Copying for  Marketing Team
24 Hour Document Booklet and Repot printing - Coil Binding, Perfect Binding and Saddle Stitch Report Printing
24 Hour Copies .com - Printing Equipment powered by Heidelberg Digital and Offset Printing Equipment

by Heidelberg
Digital & Offset
Printing Press

Fast Print
and Copy

24 Hour Copies - Heidelberg Offset Printing Press for the Cheapest Offset Printing Projects

24/7 Rush Copies, Printing and Document Services is
Powered by Heidelberg Digital and Offset Printing Equipment

Cheapest Sign, Sticker, Wide Format Printing Products, Fabric Research Poster,

Poster, Retractable Banner, Window Signs, Coroplast & Foam Board Sign

Vinyl Sticker Decal Label, Food Packaging Sticker Label, Canvas Picture
managed by Canada Printing & Signs

Let's get in touch


Downtown Vancouver: 210 - 128 West Hastings St., Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Cambie / City Hall: 601 W. Broadway, #400, Vancouver, BC
Richmond / YVR Vancouver Airport / Casino: 10013 River Drive, Richmond, BC

Surrey Central / University District: 10318 Whalley Blvd, #1, Surrey BC

E: 24hourcopies@gmail.com

Tel: (778) 688-3980
Txt: (778) 688-3980








Covid-19 Pandemic / Health Order Notice:

We all want to move forward healthy and everything, so we are implementing the followings

Many products handling procedures are changing with the Covid-19 Pandemic running like wild fire:

All personnel and visitors (+ Customers) MUST WEAR MASK - as long as 'Variant' remains a threat.

We are reducing customer visitation and promote on-line operation.  Our name signs are removed from most buildings so as to promote social distancing, minimize customer's walk-in while encouraging them to purchase through our on-line Procedures.


Social Distancing forces us to reduce the use of certain machines, or products; so we may, at our discretion to also reduce our operating hours and products without notice, we would keep our core Customer Support & Production Team Operating - Contact us by Phone, We don't provide walk-in service without a phone consultation and a visit appointment. 
To adhere to Social Distancing, our Production may be done on-site or off-site at our discression.
24 hour Printing Service may not be available at all location during the Pandemic,

We'll continue to adhere to Health Order Guidance / Recommendation going forward, with our operation adjusting to the market needs, apologize for any inconvience and Let's stay healthy out there      .  .  .  .  .


                                   Happy Canada

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