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Retractable Banner / Outdoor Display Sign / Stickers

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About Us


Here's some of our customer's testimonials we received lately.  And this is why we are willing to work 160 Hr / week (640 hours a month),  while giving up our Sunshine.  For those who felt we have flaws, please accept our appologies, we can only do so much to help out the 2 million population in Metro Vancouver.

Alvina Lin
Low cost printing, extremely good customer service, and btw, I LOVE THEIR PAPER QUALITY! They make my research paper look very professional and I will definitely go back for more printing in the future.
Thank You.



Nick Stanhope
needed some last minute printing done for the morning and Charles came through.  reasonably priced.  cheap even, for a rush job. 
Not sure about all these other bad reviews but charles stayed open past midnight to get my job done. above and beyond.

Thank You.



Jenny Yeh
AMAZING Service!!!!!! Love the late night shift!  The price is very good for an urgent print! Totally worth the charge!!!  Any late working students should definitely come for the last minute print!  Just love it!  Definitely will visit again
Thank You.

George Leung
best buy for your buck.  they even went the extra mile to give better paper quality than i expected!  My business partner and i are really impressed with the experience.
Thank You.

Zi Ye
The late night service is brilliant!  Great service and the printing

is fast!  Love it!
Thank You.

Customer Service Centre

247 Fast
Sticker /
We are the Customer Service Centre of a multi-facet group of printer, Poster, Banner & Sign Shops
- Some old, some young - creating
a perfect blend of the Cheapest Offset Printing, Digital Copy and Document Service to serve the Metro Vancouver Market
(with 5 Print Pickup Centre, see below)

We are one of on-line / Front End Sales Team dealing with customer's ordering and providing the Cheapest Printing, Copies and Document Solutions to Metro Vancouver.


Downtown Rush Printing, Copies,
Poster, Banner and Sign Support

+ 15 Print Pickup Centre in Metro Vancouver
(for on-line printing)


Broadway (as in New York), is to provide 24/7 business support
for the Big Apple. 
(and Vancouver is a Small Apple, 2 million and growing)

West Broadway Support Centre continues
to serve as a mini Printing and Sign Factory
to provide Print, Copy, Poster,

Banner & Sign Support to
Downtown Core and Vancouver
Business Community
(minutes from
Burrard / Granville & Cambie Bridges)

On-line Printing and Copy
Products are also provided
by multiple Printing
Production Factories
YVR for Inbound Travellers
and local business Printing Needs

- Premium Print Quality / 15 year+
experience staff / Heidelberg Press

(world famous for color management),
we're one of the biggest print installation on
West Broadway, we don't just put a Big machine
in the shop but
man the print machines with
skilled staffs
- a giant machine without skilled
pressmen is just a big basic machine

24 Hour Printing Support - for the Print Users who ABSOLUTELY need to get Prints. (note: Rush charge is necessary to support the extended 168 labor hours (24 x 7) ,
which is 5 times of the standard Monday-Friday 35 hr. work week; 
Eg. the cost of additional full time support person is 24 hour x 365 days x $20 = $175,200; we do not feel we should ask our customer to pay for this extra cost, which is why we would keep certain customer support function and services to a Minimum)



Downtown* Vancouver              W. Broadway

24/7 Support
YVR AirportRichmondBurnaby

6 Print Pickup Centre
all over Metro Vancouver

We don't offer FREE delivery to every customer -

that's like a hidden delivery charge in advance on every print / copy / document job.
We produce the Cheapest Printing and Copies Product in Vancouver and want to stay that way.  Our 6 Print Pickup Centre Distribution Networks is our lower cost solution, customer can pickup the printing right in their neighborhood, without having
to do extensive driving or travelling. 
(people go to work, and have no waiting at home all day waiting for package, or package being lost when left outside their home, + you can pick it up at your own schedule)

Some Locations operate and manage by Affiliates

Heidelberg Full Color Offset Printing


Offset Printing Market has shrinked over the last few years, and in fact, it has shrinked so much that we are the only print shop on Broadway (+ Highway 7) that is still running a Full Color Offset Printing Department (a 30 miles strip from UBC to Vancouver, to Burnaby, to almost Coquitlam).

So why are we keeping it running?
There are 2 reasons. 

Offset Printing in a print shop like ours, has a lower productivity cost; it helps us balance the books and it's one of the factor why we can offer the lowest on-line printing price in Vancouver.  
The other is the Pressman and their Skills.  As customers wanting to replicate their print jobs to look like a "Quality Offset Print Job", the "Old Pressmen Skills" is our biggest assets, - and this is why you can offer Great Print Quality than many junior Color Copy Shops.

Large Poster Banner & Sign Shop
Fast Poster, Engineer Drawing
Banner, Sign and Tradeshow Displays


The Sign Market has shrinked down substantially (due to $$$ economics and the
GIANT space requirement)
.  We partnered with some major Sign Shop, Banner Shop and Poster Printer to provide 24 Hour Sign Service - Fast Research Poster,
Engineer Drawing (blueprint), Retractable Banners, Trade Show Display and Display Signs.

Why go partnership to provide the Cheapest

Sign and Banner Products in Vancouver?
It's very easy to add a sign machine, but most shops can't make it work.  Take this example: A fund-raising campaign or a Golf Tournament need to order 30 Signs. 
A junior sign shop can't handle that with just 1 printer and 'sardines' space.  (need drying space, staff,
machines and work space . . . )


Poster, Banner & Sign Business is like a Big Restaurant,

you need adequate Space, Chefs, Food, Large Kitchen and SKILLS to prepare food  for 25-100 guests at Dinner hours, without delays.


Sign Shops have their challenge.  The original "Blue Collar" industry was simple but needs lots of space for fabrication ($$$), the new sign shops requires a senior computer wizard to operate ($$$) and rent is much more expensive ($$$); look at Google pictures, most small sign shops and their tight space make them looks like 'Sardines' Shop.   There's never enough space to produce signs beyond 1 sign at a time (expensive $$$)
Our Sign Partner come with Printing Skills that we can never build.  They focus on Manufacturing, and we look after the customer service.  Their full fleet of state of the art Sign Machines help provide the fastest and cheapest banner and sign in Vancouver.

40 years of Canvas and Picture Frame,

30 years of Display Signs, Window Graphics, Point of Sales,

20 years of banners, Trade Show display, and Large Format Printing, (UBC) Academic Conference Research Poster, and Engineer Drawing / BluePrints, and faster turnaround skills . . .


Cheapest Sign, Sticker, Wide Format Printing Products, Fabric Research Poster,

Poster, Retractable Banner, Window Signs, Coroplast & Foam Board Sign

Vinyl Sticker Decal Label, Food Packaging Sticker Label, Canvas Picture
managed by Canada Printing & Signs

Let's get in touch


Downtown Vancouver: 210 - 128 West Hastings St., Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Cambie / City Hall: 601 W. Broadway, #400, Vancouver, BC
Richmond / YVR Vancouver Airport / Casino: 10013 River Drive, Richmond, BC

Surrey Central / University District: 10318 Whalley Blvd, #1, Surrey BC

E: 24hourcopies@gmail.com

Tel: (778) 688-3980
Txt: (778) 688-3980








Covid-19 Pandemic / Health Order Notice:

We all want to move forward healthy and everything, so we are implementing the followings

Many products handling procedures are changing with the Covid-19 Pandemic running like wild fire:

All personnel and visitors (+ Customers) MUST WEAR MASK - as long as 'Variant' remains a threat.

We are reducing customer visitation and promote on-line operation.  Our name signs are removed from most buildings so as to promote social distancing, minimize customer's walk-in while encouraging them to purchase through our on-line Procedures.


Social Distancing forces us to reduce the use of certain machines, or products; so we may, at our discretion to also reduce our operating hours and products without notice, we would keep our core Customer Support & Production Team Operating - Contact us by Phone, We don't provide walk-in service without a phone consultation and a visit appointment. 
To adhere to Social Distancing, our Production may be done on-site or off-site at our discression.
24 hour Printing Service may not be available at all location during the Pandemic,

We'll continue to adhere to Health Order Guidance / Recommendation going forward, with our operation adjusting to the market needs, apologize for any inconvience and Let's stay healthy out there      .  .  .  .  .


                                   Happy Canada

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