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Banner Social Distancing Products Floor Decal Stickers

 up to 50% Discount 
Subsidy to celebrate Canada's Re-Opening

the cheapest Floor Signs
in Metro Vancouver


To promote Covid-19 Virus Awareness,
Social Distancing
, and Business Re-Opening,

we are producing Social Distancing Floor Sign Stickers
(custom layout / basic) for the Metro Vancouver Community

with a  50% Subsidy Discount:
our Social Distancing Floor Sign
& Business Re-Opening Sign
starts from $ 3.50
They are subsidized to help out our local business
and non-profit organizations
(up to 50% Discount Subsidy is automatically applied)



 our Factory manufactures these Floor Decal Signs
and with Physical Distancing in mind, our teams

produces our banners, signs, and our custom die-cut stickers
while distancing each other,
(15 ft + apart)

basic turnaround is same / next day,

24 Hour RUSH available on some products

* Production may be shared with other
factories and Trade Partners
due to physical distancing / scheduling

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Downtown Vancouver: 210 - 128 West Hastings St., Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Cambie / City Hall: 601 W. Broadway, #400, Vancouver, BC
Richmond / YVR Vancouver Airport / Casino: 10013 River Drive, Richmond, BC

Surrey Central / University District: 10318 Whalley Blvd, #1, Surrey BC

E: 24hourcopies@gmail.com

Tel: (778) 688-3980
Txt: (778) 688-3980








Covid-19 Pandemic / Health Order Notice:

We all want to move forward healthy and everything, so we are implementing the followings

Many products handling procedures are changing with the Covid-19 Pandemic running like wild fire:

All personnel and visitors (+ Customers) MUST WEAR MASK - as long as 'Variant' remains a threat.

We are reducing customer visitation and promote on-line operation.  Our name signs are removed from most buildings so as to promote social distancing, minimize customer's walk-in while encouraging them to purchase through our on-line Procedures.


Social Distancing forces us to reduce the use of certain machines, or products; so we may, at our discretion to also reduce our operating hours and products without notice, we would keep our core Customer Support & Production Team Operating - Contact us by Phone, We don't provide walk-in service without a phone consultation and a visit appointment. 
To adhere to Social Distancing, our Production may be done on-site or off-site at our discression.
24 hour Printing Service may not be available at all location during the Pandemic,

We'll continue to adhere to Health Order Guidance / Recommendation going forward, with our operation adjusting to the market needs, apologize for any inconvience and Let's stay healthy out there      .  .  .  .  .


                                   Happy Canada

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