The Fastest & Cheapest

24 hour online

Sticker & Label

in Metro Vancouver



We produce our Sticker, Labels
and Decals in 2 groups,

They started at about $ 6 / ft2

(depending on the print volume

the material and the setups required)





1. Higher Volume Sticker
200 - 10,000

Business / Packaging

Labels Production

lower cost for high volume






2. Lower Volume Custom
Sticker 1 - 1,000 *

Custom Die-Cut

Creative (Boutique Style) /

Event / Personal /

Business Marketing /

Advertising Stickers /

A Series of Similar Stickers
(different size) /

A series of  Different Sized Stickers
(different stickers for 1 event / tournament)

* Minimum applied on very small printing volume






Business / Product / Promo /
Packaging Labels -

Many of them use special material
or require special processing.

They include:

Cartons, Gift Box, Shipping,

 Dispatch Info,
SAFETY Warning,

Product Packaging,

Freezer - WaterProof Stickers,

Food Description,

Sale Promo Stickers

Freshness Seal / Sleeve Wrap


We Produce
Flexible Volume (50 - 10,000 pc.)

and flexible size

(1 x 1 inch) to
(3 x 4 feet) shipping labels

in standard shape or
custom shaped die-cut

different material
finishing, and glue level
including waterproof &
scratch resistance ink / material


Custom Die-Cut

Creative / Event / Personal /

Business Marketing /

Promotion /

Advertising Stickers



Smaller Volume
Many users have sticker needs
for an event, or a product tryout;
The printing volume is normally
smaller (1 - 1,000),

or requires a bunch of
'short-run' sticker labels
(eg. 100 pc. of different versions),
or 200 pc. of different size)

or small volume for
different seminar events.

Fast Turnaround

Standard Printing Service is

1 - 2 days turnaround,

and SAME DAY Rush is available



Many Materials

we use different material and

different ink set, and run jobs

on our different machines

to create the different effects



Multiple Smaller Jobs

unlike small retail shops that always
have a space challenge, our facilities
are setup social distanced, and still
have adequate space to handle
multiple jobs from our fleet of
printing machines - allowing them to
print properly, dry properly,

and die-cut properly



24/7 on-Demand
Urgent RUSH

We provide
24 hr. Printing & Sign Service
 Printing Copies

Poster Banner & Sign
Die-cut Sticker Support,

local Businesses,
and Student Support

Contact us
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Do you know . . .

You can now buy our
Color Banner Sign
at about 50% cheaper than
the market price
in many corner of
Metro Vancouver

Thanks to our
6 Regional
Print Pickup Centre

Downtown* VancouverW. Broadway
24hr Cust Service Centre



* Some locations operated by affiliates

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* email file submission for
speedier printing

min. $25

subject to availability,
Rush Charge may apply

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